A long lasting IT partnership.

Many small business don’t have the luxury of an internal IT department to handle their technology needs. Imagenius is ready to be your Managed Service Provider, and be that missing link to help keep your day to day operations running efficiently. We’re here to support your computer workstations, servers, network, and more with a PROACTIVE approach to REDUCE DOWNTIME, INCREASE EFFECIENCY, and offer EXPERT SOLUTIONS in the ever changing world of technology.


Remote Support

With our tools we have the ability to resolve issues without physically being on location. We’re here to assist you with answers to your questions all conducted remotely and in a timely manner.

Patch Management

Just like your car needs regular maintenance, so does your computer. The software that runs on your computer needs to be updated and kept current to run smoothly. We manage and schedule these updates without disrupting your work day.

System Performance Monitoring

With our specialized software, we monitor the hardware, or physical performance of your computer to ensure everything is running in tip top shape. We’re alerted immediately of potential issues, and can address them with a solution as quickly as possible.


Virus/Ransomware Protection

Keep your computer and all your data safe with our enterprise virus and ransomware protection. We actively monitor your system for malicious software, and eliminate it before it becomes an issue.

Malicious Website Protection

Malicious software can be contracted by visiting untrusted websites. We have the ability to further protect your system by preventing access to known or potentially unsafe websites.

Unsafe Email Protection

Virus or other harmful files can be attached to emails, or some emails can be designed to steal personal or financial information. Using our tools we can help eliminate an unsafe email from landing in your inbox.

Additional Solutions

System Backup & Recovery

Nothing can replace your files if you don’t have them backed up. Using our tools we can set up a backup system, that in the event of a catastrophic event, your files are safe and can easily be recovered.

Network Monitoring

Additional security measures can be taken to monitor your entire computer network to prevent unwanted connections from the outside world.

Server Management

Your small business may utilize a server to run specific tasks or store files for the other computers in your network. We can manage your server to ensure it stays running and reduce the potential for downtime or loss of data.

VPN & Remote Access

If you work remotely and need access to your computer or server from a location other than your office, we can set up a connection so you are always in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Managed Services?

Managed Services is a way of outsourcing certain tasks to a third party. As a managed service provider we handle all your IT needs, so you don’t have to worry.

Does my small business need all of the above mentioned solutions?

No, we custom tailor a plan that works for you and your small business. Not all solutions above fit the needs of every company, and we’re happy to assist in determining what’s best for you!

How are your services priced?

Our pricing is based on cost per user/device and is designed to be affordable and accessible to small businesses that may not have an internal IT department.

What is the length of service term?

As a client of Imagenius, we want to grow with you. Our Managed Services are no contract and no obligation. Our clients are billed monthly, and we are happy to modify our service agreement based on the needs of your company. Technology moves so quickly and your needs could change as you grow. We’re here as a partner to help facilitate your IT requirements.