How can we help your small business?


The first and foremost important part to a company’s image and ability to attract business is the look of your logo.

Web Design

Having a presence on the web is imperative for a business operating in the 21st century.

IT Consulting

Haven't figured out what to write here yet.

Who are we?

IMAGENIUS is a one stop shop for small businesses for design, media, and technology services. We’ll create an image for your company that will promote growth & success, through the tools already available. Let us work as a team with you to create a brand, build a presence, and keep your company on the upward path.

Why choose us?

We take an active role in our clients’ businesses. We don’t just set it and forget it. Our client’s business is our business, and we want to know what makes you and your company tick. Your goals, are our goals. With IMAGENIUS we open up the lines of communication with our clients and take an interest in their needs whether it’s a fresh logo, intuitive website, or managing a social media advertising campaign. We’re here to offer our support, and answer your questions.

When you work with IMAGENIUS, you become a GENIUS.